5 Replies to “Week 1 Reflections”

  1. Absolutely! We can be compliant AND innovative. It’s important that we “follow the rules” but at the same time that should not discourage us from innovation. As educator’s we need to find ways to integrate tech and other innovative practices into our everyday instruction and compliance.

  2. Glad to see another person doing vlogging. Same as you, those Introduction pages of the book make you think and question everything that we do as teachers. As you mention about having a software that save times, and on the line of more efficient would be great. I have yet to find a grading software that as everything that I want.
    Good start and looking forward to your next vlog next week!

    1. Thank for commenting and engaging Gilles! Glad I was not the only one with an exploding brain (in a good way) over the action packed introduction!! I am not in this to sell, and as a solutions engineer that is not part of my job description (I am the demo guy!), but if would like some information on what we offer I would be happy to provide it and a reference. We have a pretty powerful too. Have a great weekend!!

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