We Learned A Lot In 2016 About How Preschool Can Help Kids

Pathway to graduation

Image is borrowed from www.npr.org (Chelsea Beck)

Claudio Sanchez provides us with great insights to the benefits of pre-school and the Head Start program in this post.  Here is a preview into what is is about…

“Deborah Phillips, a professor of psychology at Georgetown University, has spent more than a decade studying and tracking children in these programs. Her most recent findings were published in the journal Developmental Psychology.

Her study focused on Tulsa’s biggest Head Start program, which is run by CAP Tulsa, a nonprofit group that serves 3- to 4-year-olds. It looked at how the students in the program were faring years later.

And it found clear benefits for children who had gone through the program. In August, I talked with Phillips and asked her to summarize her findings.”

As someone who currently has a daughter in preschool and one more joining the ranks in the next few years, I LOVE what it has done for her.  My wife is a homemaker, and a great one at that, but preschool is still provided many lessons for my daughter that she does not get at home.  She has grown so much as a young toddler and watching it, her relationships with her teachers, and friendships that she is starting to form is so powerful.

I believe in the power of preschool and other programs designed to support and foster the growth of our young  children, our future, do you?


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