Virtualization Aids Disaster Recovery and Saves Money and Space

Tommy Peterson shares how Virtualization Aids Disaster Recovery and Saves Money and Space via EdTech.

This article blew me away.  I am so inspired and excited about how much time and money can be saved with Virtualization.  I had to do some research on the topic myself but I would have never done it without the power of this article.  They were lead here to protect their data during natural disasters but the other benefits of the move are impressive.

Here is the introduction to the article:

“When you think of Florida weather, you think of hurricanes. And for many schools along the state’s coastlines — even inland school districts that have to deal with surrounding swampy, lowland topography — the threat of flooding is real.

For Brevard Public Schools (BPS) in eastern Florida, located along the “Space Coast” (it’s home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center), flooding has not been a problem historically. Even so, FEMA has recently designated much of Brevard County as a flood zone.

Brevard tech leaders had a growing concern: assurance that their data could be protected no matter what type of disaster swept through. Sluggish performance, limited storage capacity and maintenance headaches from antiquated and mismatched equipment were already top of mind, and so — combined with this latest flooding concern — the district began a path toward virtualization in 2014.”

Featured image is borrowed from the post.

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