Tips for Teachers in TESTING season!

It is TESTING season and it is one stressful time for educators!  I remember those rough sleeping nights as you question yourself about if your students are prepared to shine on their tests.

Here are 15 Tips for Teachers as they enter this season and how to deal with the stress and anxiety that these exams bring teachers and students.  All of these tips are great but I cannot stress the importance of #1 and #2.


Explain to them the purpose of the exams and what they measure.  I always told my kids how I was a terrible test taker, and I was, until I went to a tutor just to teach me how to take tests.  I used to get anxiety and the two things that helped reduce my stress was preparation and confidence in myself.  I would then tell my kids that we are prepared because we have been working our tails off all year long just to demonstrate to ourselves, and not the state, that we are hard workers who know math!  The second one is hard to teach but comes with time, practice, and encouragement from strong individuals like yourself.  It is our jobs as administrators, teachers, and parents to model and mentor your students and to demonstrate daily what it means to be a hard working individual who is successful.

Good Luck to all of you who will tackling these high-stakes exams over the upcoming weeks and months!  

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