Technology Academy for Parents – Genius!

Who has a parent, aunt, grandparent, or someone that they are close too that always needs help with technology!?  I know that I personally am always seem to be helping someone with technology.  It might be my 80 year old grandparents and their laptop or even my wife posting on Facebook!  (Sorry babe – still love you!)

With the way education has moved lately parents need to be on the cutting edge of it to keep up!  Think of the disconnect that is built unintentionally between students and parents if they, the parents, cannot follow what their child is doing with technology.

La Canada Unified School District (LCUSD) had a fantastic idea and held a Tech Academy for parents!  What a great way to reach out to the community, teach parents about technology, and get them to buy in to what you are doing as a district!  They used chromebooks and had their parents log into Google and complete some simple tasks just as their children would.

Read here to see the details!

Kudos to all involved and I hope that this has an amazing effect on your parents and community which will in turn help who really matters, your students!  If your a district that has done something similar, please comment or post a link to your event.  I would love to check it out!

**Image was borrowed from the article and was taken by staff photographer Tim Berger**

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