Teachers Always Need to EVOLVE

Teachers are part of that every day challenge to use new technology, techniques, and strategies to achieve growth for their students.  This comes easy for some of us but is much more challenging for others.

I am sure that we could quickly come up with 5 reasons that you do not want to try a new technique, strategy or technology, right!?

The key is that we have to continue to evolve as educators no matter what the circumstance in the fast paced world.  Brad Currie, an author/Director of Instruction/Founder of #satchat / etc., takes the word Evolve and breaks it down into an acronym to help us…(struggling here but can’t help myself)…to evolve – no pun intended! (See Below).  Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers discuss, in this article, how to evolve as an educator and highlight Brad’s EVOLVE concept.

I recently wrote commentary and shared an article, by Peter DeWitt, that discusses why Educators Need Twitter in their Lives, so lets use this opportunity to evolve a little!

  1. Finish reading the article to see how can Evolve
  2. Take 1 step, of the many different 1 steps you could take, and JOIN TWITTER!
  3. Follow me! @JMcKean_K12, then follow Brad, and whoever else you would like.
  4. Google ways to use Twitter effectively – or try this link!
  5. Join Brad, me and others on Saturday mornings at 7:30 when you can for #satchat
  6. Sit back, enjoy, and learn!

I borrowed the graphic from one of his websites… http://www.evolvingeducators.com/evolve-as-an-educator.html


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