Superintendents: The lessons we learned in 2016

Who better to learn from than your peers?!  “Superintendents: The lessons we learned in 2016” is brought to us by Stephen Wood with eSchoolNews.

He interviews and shares valuable takeaways from 4 Superintendents over the past year.  Here is a list of the Superintendents, check the article for all the details!

  1. Turning Around a District is a Marathon, not a Sprint” – Dr. Royce Avery, Superintendent of Manor Independent School (TX)
  2. PBL Teaches Educators Flexibility in Lesson Planning”  – Dr. Stephanie Miller, Superintendent and Principal of Congress Elementary School District (AZ)
  3. School Improvement Models Should Be Shared Across the Globe” –  Dr. Bryan D. Luizzi, Superintendent, New Canaan Public Schools (CT)
  4. “Becoming a Great Leader Is Not One Thing” –  Tammy Mangus, Superintendent of the Monticello Community School District (NY)

He is doing a 3 part series and I will be sure to share all 3 on the website!

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