How school districts are leveraging Twitter to become rock stars

Love, love, love this post by Amy Jenkins via eSchool News!!  In this day in age districts should be 100% engaged with there community.  They are their customers, consumers, and spend countless hours supporting the district.  This post highlights 4 ways that districts are using Twitter to revolutionize how the share, collaborate, and learn.

  1. By Hash(tag)ing Out Ideas
  2. Jump Into Larger Covos
  3. Meet Your Work Spose
  4. Get a Little Informal

If your wondering why or dont believe in the power.  I challenge you to open a twitter account and then look up a few hashtags from districts where I have friends working: #yoursalisbury (Salisbury SD, PA) #Engage109 (Deerfield, IL) #katyISD (Katy, TX) and there are tons more!  Check them out and see what all is being shared.  It’s an amazing way to connect and grow your district’s culture.

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