Principals Need Evaluated Too!

In this article, published by Peter DeWitt and guest written by Nathaniel Greene, Mr. Greene discusses a study he performs that show’s principals do not get evaluated enough.

Check it out to learn about some of the results of his survey and what he recommends principals do to gain a perspective on their performance from their staff.  Principals are the leaders of our schools, the face of the campus, and need to model best practices at all times.  Teachers are under the microscope and feeling the pressures of teaching more now than maybe ever before and they deserve to be lead by someone who is also doing their part.  Performance based reviews and feedback are a constant for most teachers so why not evaluate and offer feedback to those in charge of the campus?  It might begin and end with the teacher but the principal can make an huge impact on student growth if they do their jobs effectively and with passion.

Kudos to Nathaniel Greene for coming up with this fantastic topic and completing this project!

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