Powerful Podcast: Growth Mindset

Eduardo Briceno, is the CEO of Mindset Works, a company that specializes in creating a culture of learning that fosters student growth through the idea of the growth mindset. He participates in an great podcast where he explains why his company is built around it, how he implements the ideas, successes, and failures.  His company has been going for 9 years strong and he even has had to apply the growth mindset to his personal life and getting his company to grow.   He discusses how this process if developmental and it takes time to work.  It is not just a switch that is turned on.

I recently wrote a blog, Growth Mindset: Why Not?, because this is such a hot topic in education.  Some are believers, some are in the middle, while others believe that it is not effective and will not help enough to be a truly meaningful process.  My opinion was why not!?  As a teacher I experience far to many students who did not believe in their abilities or just had negative  views on life in general.  Even if this impacts them on a smaller scale, gets them to think outside the box, experiment, and think more positively, then this is certainly worth your time.

This podcast is a must for any who those discussed above whether you believe, no nothing, or are not a believer.  This gentleman has made a business out of it and found it to be very successful when done correctly.  He has done extensive research on the topic as well so I encourage you to follow up and look at some of his findings as well.

Happy listening and best wishes to all of you that are giving it a try!  Feel free to comment and add successes/failures that you have encountered with the growth mindset.

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