PD – It Should Be More Like ‘MasterChef’

William Tolley does a GREAT job explaining how to step your game up with it comes to Professional Development (PD).  Check out his article here. 

Do you like cooking shows?  I am not a great cook but man do i love watching to see what is possible and attempting to be a master chef. ( I actually do pull it off sometimes!)  Either way – turn PD into a game and I am all in!  We need to continue to make Professional Development accessible, interesting, and fun.  If we cannot find it within our selves to be life long learners and fine tune our craft, how can we expect it from our students?

He breaks it down into 5 key points:

  1. Gamification
  2. Mastery Learning, Differentiation, and Personalization
  3. Peer and Expert Evaluation
  4. Microcredentials
  5. Redemption and Empowerment

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