New Year – Focus on Attendance

I have written in the past about attendance and how it is the educational epidemic that most do not talk about.  We focus on test scores, graduation rates, and other things (all important) but at the foundation of those issues is ATTENDANCE!

6 million students miss over 3 weeks of school a year.  3 WEEKS A YEAR!

If your frequent fliers are not in school then they will not close the achievement gap, graduate, perform well on standardized tests, or be the first in their family to go to college.

Elissa Nadworny, vai nprEd,  discusses how Gibson Elementary in St. Louis had big problems with absenteeism and how the addressed it.  It is so inspiring!   I will not spoil the fun of reading it for yourself but  I will say that Melody Gunn is an all star and she definitely showed her community who CARES!

I realize that not all scenarios are the same however, we have to do more as educators, administrators, parents, and the community to support our youth.  Children have needs and sometimes they cannot be met without help from us!  This story is amazing and I hope it inspires you to investigate absenteeism in your school because it is a HUGE issue and let’s face it, these children are the future!

Check out this 2nd story posted about Dr. Gunn and her school from The Huffington Post.

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