Libraries Only Provide Us Access to Books, Right? Not Any More!

So who has heard of AR Points?  For those of you that have not, it stands for Accelerated Reader.  It is an extremely popular method for elementary schools to promote students to read.  Here is how the program works: you read a book and depending on the length, answer some questions to check for understanding.  Sounds dumb, well at least at the start it did to me, until it encouraged me to take my oldest daughter to the library so that she can check out books and read them to earn points.  All while this is occurring, my middle daughter is becoming obsessed with going with us.  At this point she just loves the elevator and the toy room in the children’s section but I am optimistic that it will also foster an desire to read.  One that I never had until I was at least 25!

The purpose of the story here is three fold:

  1. I want to encourage you to support your child in the AR challenges that go on in their schools and take them to the library because it is a chance to make memories!  I genuinely cherish the time that we spend together going, taking a test, participating in some activities, and then heading home.
  2. We want to guarantee our child’s success right?
  3. This project that the Harvard Family Research Project is RIGHT ON!

At my neighborhood library there are a ton of things that my daughters and I can do besides checking out a book.  There are nightly activities to engage families in some quality time and most of them have nothing to do with books.  Instead their are activities around Lego’s, obstacle course challenges, and art projects.  I encourage you to check out your neighborhood library, odds are you will be surprised and impressed with all the fun things going on inside!

Check out the work of the Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) and then bookmark it because their project has only begun!

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