Leadership is a Choice

Eric Sheninger has an amazing blog called A Principal’s Reflections.  One of this posts resonated with me and I am just getting to share it with out all now, “Leadership is a Choice“.

Throughout my career as a child, teenager, student, athlete I was looked at as being a “leader” or having the characteristics of one.  The best part about this post is how Eric highlights that just because you have the characteristics to be a leader, you still have to CHOOSE to do so!

“Everyone has the ability to lead and our schools need more educators to embrace this challenge. Never underestimate your own unique talents and abilities that can help shape the future of our schools to create a better learning culture that students deserve. Some of our best leaders are right under our nose – our teachers and students.  Great leaders not only understand this, but also help these key stakeholders make the choice to lead. ”


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