How to Develop Mindsets for Compassion and Caring in Students

Katrina Schwartz’s article discusses talks about the importance of developing mindsets for compassion and caring in students.

The article discusses the experiences of Dr. Robert Brooks.  He is a psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and an established author.  Dr. Brooks started his career as a principal at a school with severely disturbed and troubled students.  Within a few months he was worn down and did not look forward to going to work each day.  He discusses the mindset needed to deal effectively with students.  Here are a few quotes highlighted from the article, check it out for more details!

“We have to start with the assumption that everything you do in the classroom can have a major impact on a child’s life.”

“Once you say a kid is unmotivated or doesn’t care, you’re already reflecting a mindset in which you’re blaming the child, whether you mean to or not.”

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