How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?

Another killer article from the writers at Mind/Shift and this one focuses on the impact of Google.  Here is the intro to the article.  It. Is. AWESOME.

“Take a look at this question: How do modern novels represent the characteristics of humanity?

If you were tasked with answering it, what would your first step be? Would you scribble down your thoughts — or would you Google it?”

“Oh you know I would” is what instantly ran through my head.  I Google everything!  This post is insightful, thoughtful, and shed light on something that many of us over look.  She discusses how the novelty of Google can represent humanity.  I tell my wife to do it when shes asks me how to post something on Facebook or my father when he cant keep up with the newest slang and even when I need a video to help me construct a bookshelf.

I remember learning how to use a card catalog, reading encyclopedias, or annoying my parents asking. “why this” or “why that”.  One of the beauties of Google, to me, is that it allows us to be independent, inquisitive, and problem solvers because you can simply “Google it”!

How often do you use it?  Has it redefined your lifestyle like it has mine and many others?

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