How Domestic Violence in One Home Can Affects Every Child in a Class

How many of you have witnessed the affects of domestic violence?  As a father of 3 daughters, when you hear domestic violence it makes me want to turn away because I am intimidated by the potential result of the story.  As a teacher who has witnessed how it affects children I feel like I need to come running to aid the child as best I can.  Gabrielle Emanuel writes an article, via NPR, that does a great job painting the picture for how this affects more than just the child enduring the hardship.

Here is one take away I had to share…

“On the days Brett Welch is in the building, she stands by the door as students leave.

‘You tell them that you love them because you do,’ Welch says. ‘And because maybe that’s what they need to be able to get through whatever they need to get through at home.'”

Be a positive influence in your students lives, go out of your way to make them feel safe and loved and you will make a difference!

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