Growth Mindset May Counter Effects of Poverty on Achievement

Back to one of my favorite topics over the past several months…Growth Mindset.  I have shared several articles that I have found on the growth mindset as well as some commentary because I am passionate about who CARES and the power of thinking positively.

This article comes from one of my favorite bloggers on EdWeek, Evie Blad, called “A Growth Mindset May Counteract Effects of Poverty on Achievement, Study Says”.

Please take 10 minutes to read the article and see that there is proof that the growth mindset is impacting our students, especially ones being raised in poverty.  Here is a link to the study as well if you want to look at the details future.

Do you use/discuss a growth mindset with your staff, children, or students?  If so please share successes and failures in the comments section!


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