Educators Need Twitter in their Lives

Nice article by Peter DeWitt that highlights why joining Twitter as an educator is a great idea.  I could not agree more.  Read the article to see what is possible, as well as some helpful tips.

Since joining I have made connections with so many people and learned so much.  It is great to follow others, have people follow you, and follow popular hashtags can open your eyes to all the great education movements, lessons, professional development, and more.  It also provides your a platform to connect with educators across the world.  It can be a truly enjoyable experience so I encourage you to give it a try!

Here are some great hashtags (#) to follow once you get started…

#satchat, #edchat, #txeduchat, #growthmindset, #edtech, #edtechafterdark, and the lists go on!

Feel free to comment on the ones that you love, share your experiences with using Twitter as an educator, and share with a colleague that has not joined yet!

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