Why Educators Need to Promote Themselves

Love this post by Anne O’Brian via Edutopia that highlights “Why Educators Need to Promote Themselves“.

This one line – the start of her post caught my attention right away… “Back when I was a classroom teacher, my principal — to whom I rarely spoke — came by one day to tell me that one of my math students had gotten the highest score in the school on a standardized math test.”

Whaaaaaat!?!?! Rarely spoke – that just sounds depressing and the fact that they didn’t throw the kid a party, recognize him/her, or even a high five!?  I find odd.  I realize I am making assumptions here but the post leads us to believe that the purpose of the visit was just that – to tell the teacher of the students accomplishment.

In the post she highlights ways to “bragg” and tips to help you do it.  In today age Twitter is a powerful tool when it comes to education.  There are several chats daily, #BookSnaps, book studys like #IMMOOC, all occuring using social media.  It has changed my life and I LOVE interacting with everyone.  The one beautiful think about educators (the majority I guess I should add) is that they are collaborative and nice, beautiful people at heart!


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