E is for Empaty

Wow does this post from Cory Turner via nprEd align with my post on “Who CARES”!

“Both parents and educators overwhelmingly felt that being kind was more important than having high academic achievement,” says Kotler Clarke.

Being KIND and understanding EMPATHY are crucial and get covered up by our desires to score well on tests.  Cinderella’s mother always told her to “Have courage and be kind”.  You might be wondering, “Why does she have to have courage?”  You have to because it os certainly not easy to always do the right thing.  It takes courage. PERIOD.  Those doing the right thing have a strong sense of self worth.  We need to consistently bring this same message to our students and children because it makes them better friends, students, parents, and people.

Kudos to Cory Turner on this AWESOME post!

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