Critical Thinking in the 21st Century and Beyond


Love this post by Eric Sheninger on his blog called A Principal’s Reflection.

Here is a powerful segment of his post: “What separated Mr. South from his peers was his passion for helping students learn and love the sciences.  His lessons were light on direct instruction and heavy on authentic connections and application. He didn’t teach science. We learned science.”

What I got from his post was that he feel in love with learning by the dedication and creativity of his teachers during his time as a student.  This resonated instantly with me as I was the same!  I became a teacher because of the great impact that some of them had on me, I wanted to do that for others.

He continues to connect this to 21st century learning style where he discusses 7 elements, that when mixed together, will “provide students with the types of learning opportunities that they will carry with them no matter what path they choose”.

Awesome post Eric!

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