Competitive Collaboration: Breaking the Culture of “NO”

Anyone out there hate to lose like me!?  My grandmother shows no mercy in her card game! 500 rummy, Skip Bo, Mexican Train, Go Fish, doesn’t matter!  I find myself in the same loop with my girls while we play games but I have thrown a game here and there!  (Maybe!)  I feel that it is healthy for people to learn how to deal with disappointment while also fostering a healthy desire to win.  It brings out the best in us when our goal is to strive for excellence.  As an adult, it isn’t always about “winning” but rather being the best I can be.

Teacher efficacy is crucial to their success and the success of their students.  I LOVE the idea of competitive collaboration!  What better way to learn, become stronger, while also help others!?  Not only will be become better educators but we will also become better people/employees under this model.  Fear will slowly disappear, relationships will be built, fear will be replaced with trust, and then turn to confidence as you foster a “culture of yes.  Everyone will have a voice, chance to share, and in the end, there are no “winners” because we all WIN!

2 Replies to “Competitive Collaboration: Breaking the Culture of “NO””

  1. Huge shift in thinking, especially being told that “competition” is a bad thing. If we do it in a way where we both push and support, the big winner is students.

    Thank you for sharing and have a great week!

    1. I agree George. Competition definitely can cause issues but if the purpose/objective is shared then it creates a feeling of collaboration. Thank you for the inspiration and for taking the time to comment!

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