Competencies vs. Skills

Eric Sheninger writes one of my favorite blogs to follow.  I could probably share his post weekly!  This is post on “Competencies vs. Skills” was great because it is a widely discussed topic.  There are always posts about the skills students need to be successful in the 21st Century.  The challenge is that “skills” are great but they do not often lead to mastery.

Eric defines competencies and skills as such in his post,  “Competencies outline “how” the goals and objectives will be accomplished. They are more detailed and define the requirements for success in broader, more inclusive terms than skills do. There is also an increased level of depth that takes into account skills, knowledge and abilities. To succeed in the new world of work, students will need to demonstrate the right mix of skills, knowledge, and on-the-job ability. A skill is a practical or cognitive demonstration of what a student can do. Competency is the proven use of skills, knowledge, and abilities to illustrate mastery of learning by solving problems.”

The number one thing that I loved about the post is that Eric does a great job defining them but then stresses that while skills are great, we need to get beyond them!

What are your thoughts?

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