Changing the Teaching Profession in the Midst of a Storm


The storm is the looming teacher shortage.

Annette Christiansen hits the nail on the head, several times, in this power post via EdWeekTeacher.  She discusses her sons journey to being an education major and how he was born to be a teacher but explored several other paths before finally “settling” on education.  I hate to say settle but that is the truth in today’s world.  The profession does not carry the respect, honor, and salary that it deserves.

As a former teacher her story resonates with me because I always felt I was born to be a teacher and I did not hesitate to go to college to be one.  I have since left education because I felt a calling to impact education in a different way.

Here are some things that she highlights to help prepare us for this inevitable challenge.

Be positive.


Get involved with teacher-preparation programs.

Promote and support new teachers.


Shape our future through ESSA.


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