New Report for Parents and Communities Opens Ideas on What is Possible with Personalized Learning

Susan Patrick shares with us the “New Report for Parents and Communities Opens Ideas on What is Possible with Personalized Learning” via the International Association for K-12 Online Learning.

Here is the introduction to the article – check it out for the details!

“Teachers, leaders, students and families in communities across the country are coming together to explore how schools can better prepare students to succeed after graduation

Together, they’re exploring big questions such as:

  • What must students know and do to be able to thrive in the modern world?
  • What learning experiences are necessary to ensure students graduate with these skills and traits?
  • How do schools better meet the needs and interests of students by providing personalized pathways toward graduation?
  • How must schools transform in order to create these new learning experiences and opportunities?”

Here is the link to the downloadable PDF!

Personalized Data Units or Personal Learning?

“The assumption here is that curriculum can be broken into little pieces, that skills are acquired sequentially and can be assessed with discrete, contrived tests and reductive rubrics. Tracking kids’ “progress” with digital profiles and predictive algorithms paints a 21st-century gloss on a very-early-20th-century theory of learning.” — Alfie Kohn

Read this article by Mike Crowley via Medium that discusses how “personal” some personalized learning really is.  His school uses the term Personal Learning and he layes out what a Personal Learning program looks like!

Here is the number 1 highlighted piece of the article: “empower students to make meaningful learning choices that reflect their own personal needs, wishes, beliefs, feelings, aspirations, strengths, and challenges.”

Happy reading and awesome work Mike!


Advanced Tech for Personalized Learning

Looking for great ways to transform your classroom and personalize learning?  Great article by Ann Feldman, District Technology specialist, highlights 5 apps that she says will transform teaching and personalize learning.

She explains in detail how her top 5 can help in the class room but to highlight quickly, here are her top 5 apps:

  1. Nearpod
  2. Classkick
  3. Edcreations
  4. Explain Everything
  5. Seasaw

Check out the article! 


Zuckerberg and Personalized Learning

What is the best practice when it comes to reaching students, engaging them, and then getting them to learn.  The challenge is that each of those steps is a process.  Once that is not mastered over night OR one that is easy to complete with a high level of success on a consistant basis.  One of the more popular buzz words in the industry today is “Personalized Learning” and the conecpt has has caught a huge fish – Mark Zuckerberg.

Before his latest burst onto the scene, Zuckerberg failed in his orginal attempt to make a mark in education.  He previously made a 100 million dollar donation to Newark, NJ public schools but that money primarily went to consultants and other issues.  Prior to starting his new LLC,  the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, his wife encouraged him to acutally go and teach students prior to making this next step.

That is exactly what he did.  In and article by Benjamin Herold, he describes what his whife encouraged him to do, how he did it, and how he plans to “double down” on his previous venture and invest in schools that are making huge advancements in personalized education.

Mr. Zuckerberg is betting big on personalized learning and has been working for over 2 years with Summit Public Schools in Redwood City, California.  Engineers and product designers from Facebook are working with the school to create a new digital learning platform.  This initiative is expected to be worth around 45 million dollars of Facebook stock.  This a huge win for the education world because some of our country’s top minds and wealthiest organizations are showing interest in our county’s furture – our children.

As a father of three daughters under the age of 8, I wish him and his wife all the luck in the world to find a new, fun, facinating way to reach our children.  Our country continues to fall behind other nations in educationing our children so we should take all the help we can get!

Featured image was borrowed from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Facebook site – like it today to learn how they continue to make impacts in education!