Preschool Kids Learn to Grow Food

Amazing concept that stands out in today’s digital world.  Providing kids an opportunity to connect with their peers, adults, and nature only becomes more challenging as they become more and more connected with technology.

This ARTICLE  presents their three approaches to learning: “learning from nature, learning from technique, and learning from practice.”  Their school get students out of the classroom but also gives them a chance to use their hands, interact with animals, learn how to grow their own food, and most importantly – have fun!

Other companies have jumped in on similar ideas around breaks from technology… Chick-Fil-A recently started a promotion called the Family Challenge.  They encourage families to put ALL technology into a box and while they eat their meal at the restaurant.  If you successfully make it through the whole meal without using your devices, they proved you with free “icedream” cones!

chick fil a