5 Authentic Roles for Twitter in Your School

Looking to jump into the Twitter world?  .

The Teach Thought Staff does a great job highlighting 5 Authentic Roles For Twitter in Your School.  They also provide tips and tricks , people to follow, and ways to connect with other people.

I previously published some commentary on an article published by Peter DeWitt called Educators Need Twitter in their Lives.  There I shared some popular hashtags that I actively follow and participate in.  On top of participating in these chats, I would encourage a new use to follow as many people as possible.  The amount of information available is amazing!

Another avenue to network with others are Twitter lists.   Here is a great resource from Post Planner to aide you in exploring lists.

In the end, Twitter is a fantastic resource that will provide you an opportunity to network, learn from others, and extend your learning platform!





Educators Need Twitter in their Lives

Nice article by Peter DeWitt that highlights why joining Twitter as an educator is a great idea.  I could not agree more.  Read the article to see what is possible, as well as some helpful tips.

Since joining I have made connections with so many people and learned so much.  It is great to follow others, have people follow you, and follow popular hashtags can open your eyes to all the great education movements, lessons, professional development, and more.  It also provides your a platform to connect with educators across the world.  It can be a truly enjoyable experience so I encourage you to give it a try!

Here are some great hashtags (#) to follow once you get started…

#satchat, #edchat, #txeduchat, #growthmindset, #edtech, #edtechafterdark, and the lists go on!

Feel free to comment on the ones that you love, share your experiences with using Twitter as an educator, and share with a colleague that has not joined yet!

Personalize Learning for ELL

Ok, picture this… you are attempting to teach ELL how to read and on top of that your district has an extremely high volume of free-reduced lunch numbers.  This poses a formidable challenge for you as an educator or district.

Consider looking at Lexia, a Rosetta Stone Company.  They first caught my eye with this case study in Elgin, Ill and how they used the tecnology to blend learning for low income families.  On the site it also cites sevearl other case studies that highlight how the software can be used.   If you are struggling to reach these popoulations this might be an option for you!

State of Educational Blogging – 2015

Read the FULL article here!

Using Blogs in your classroom to connect with students and engage them in their learning process?  As an educator we are constantly looking for ways to reach out students on a level that pushes the boundary of understanding to comprehension.

Educators across the world are turning to Blogs to provide students with an opportunity to communicate with peers in a format they are comfortable with that promotes collaboration and ownership.  Teaching students to own what they say and to think before they speak is incredibly powerful.  For those that work in schools and your kids have Facebook accounts, you know exactly what I mean!

This article will provide you insights on how blogs are used, best practices, and platforms that commonly used.  It is a great resource for those of you who are already using this avenue to engage participation in the learning process but more importantly for you who are interested but have not jumped in.