Week 3: The Rule of 7 Touches

Season 2: Week 3: Part 2 of Innovators Mindset

Here is my vlog for Part 1 of the Innovators Mindset!  Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  I really was impacted by the Rule of 7 Touches because I think that it applies to many areas of life!

Week 2: “If you don’t drive the bus, I will”

Season 2: Week 2: Part 1 of Innovators Mindset

Here is my vlog for Part 1 of the Innovators Mindset!  Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Like the introduction, and probably every other part of this book, it was hard to focus in on one thing!  The exciting thing I realized is that I know there will be a Season 3 so I can focus on other aspects next time!! 🙂

“You can’t argue with SUCCESS” – George Couros

Week 1 Reflections

Here are my reflections for week 1!  Looking forward to reading part 1 and reflecting.  Had so much to say after just 10 pages so I will need to work on that after I read all of part 1! HA

#IMMOOC Personal Introduction

Welcome to my journey of exploring The Innovators Mindset while participating in #IMMOOC 2017 and I am extremely psyched!

As you will soon learn from me, I am no longer a teacher or administrator BUT my passion for education is real and stronger than ever.  In part because of fantastic leaders in Education like Katie Martin, George Couros, Jon Bergmann, Randy Ziegenfuss, Sir Ken Robinson and the list continues!  The other part of this is that I am blessed to work for innovative, forward thinking people.  My manager and VP of Sales provide me the room to grow while supporting and encouraging me through the process.

“As a leader, you can create those conditions by taking a strengths-based approach for learning and leadership and unleashing talent in your organization” – GC, page 8

Back to me not being in the school environment anymore.  I hope that me sharing that does not impact your opinion or perception of my thoughts, feelings, or ideas!  I did not want you to realize it later and think, “why the heck is he doing this!?”  My goal in reading and participating in this PLN is to learn how to continue to bring innovation to the software that supports schools while also continuing to explore how we can support teachers, administrators, students, and districts in their journey to produce our future.  Even though my job title has changed I (we) am a life-long educator.  I have been teaching since I was 5 and became an older brother.  I am a believer that we are ALL educators but have different roles in impacting youth.

I spent almost a decade working in charter schools and found a calling to do something more.  I want to provide resources to schools that enable them to intact change, bring innovation, and provide their students with the best learning environment possible.  I work for an ed software company providing solution demonstrations during the pre-sales process.  My goal is to sell but my dream is to inspire.  I strive to show how it will make the lives of our clients better while also pushing the leaders within my organization to continue to innovate our solution.

Recently, I started a podcast with Mike Rocco called “Perspectives in Education” where our goal is to provide insights into the many views/interpretations on education.  Episode 1 focuses on a former student of mine and the student perspective while we have Jon Bergmann (Flipped Learning & Evangelist  perspective) next, Monica Burns (Teacher/Consultants perspective), and Tyler Tarver (Suptish, writerish, teaching with video connoisseur perspective) coming in future episodes.  This is podcast is one of ways I plan to stay connected to the inner workings of school and education because I have chosen a different path.

I look forward to sharing, collaborating, and learning form all of you!!