First Wave of ESSA Plans Gives Early Look at State Priorities

First Wave of ESSA Plans Gives Early Look at State Priorities” is written by Alyson Klein and Andrew Ujifusa.  They take time to review how some states recent submissions are providing us a preview into how the ESSA is effecting our states priorities.

ESSA is giving the freedom to each state to find/design it’s own accountability systems.  The goal is to move on from just ranking districts on how they perform in math and reading to a more holistic approach.  Some states have began to implement their own methods recently, Texas being one of them, but they have not been submitted and approved to quality for ESSA.

The 12 states to submit so far are: District of Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Vermont.

Check out the details here in their post!

Trump/Pence Ticket – What This Means for Education

Alyson Klein discusses here the impact of the Vice Presidential selection by Donald Trump.  Trump has made some headline comments about the future of education in the US and Pence appears to be in line with his thought process.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Pence is against the Common Core – Indiana was the first state to reject the standards.
  2. He led the chard against the NCLB Act and is against the federal government have a major role in Ed policy
  3. He is Pro School Choice

Clinton vs. Trump – Great Resource to Explain their Stance on Major Educational Topics

ESSA Cheat Sheet by EdWeek

Here is a ESSA Cheat Sheet published by EdWeek and written by Andrew Ujifusa.

The article highlights 3 main areas:

• What ESSA says about the issue in statutory language;

• How the proposed ESSA regulations would handle the issue, and;

• Some of the reaction to the proposed regulations. (We included this where it was relevant—not every area has gotten serious pushback or praise at this early stage.)

ESSA Committee Agrees on Testing Issues

Alyson Klein publishes an article that summarizes what it means for testing as the ESSA committee finally agreed on how to move forward.  Check out her article to see what the plans are!

Also, if you are interested in additional reading to how this process has progressed please select the hyperlink on her name and you can follow her articles throughout this process!

ESSA – Is Shifting Power the Solution?

Here is MUST read article by Michael Pertrilli of the Thomas bB. Fordham institute where they held a competition, open to all, which challenged people to come up with new state accountability systems.  They are fantastic and I love that Michael points out that NOT ONE OF THEM suggested proficiency rates!

Check this article out by Michael McGill called “With ESSA, States Should Partner With Districts”.

He brings up several great points while highlighting what I feel is the most important part of this whole process.  PARTNERSHIP.

State and schools have an amazing opportunity to put NCLB act behind us and make a difference and I am honestly scared that they will let it slip through their fingers.

We need to make changes to bring better teachers into education who have left for other careers (Me), diversifying and solidifying assessments, sharing best practices and information, establish a responsible way to hold teachers accountable to be better educators, and, maybe most importantly, develop school of choice.  Let’s level out the playing field between charters and public schools huh!?  Our sole responsibility is to educate kids but more and more often I see fights between schools over things that do not effect student achievement.