The Best Day of My Post Teaching Career

Do you have a job, profession, or a career?

I was a teacher for the better part of decade.  I worked countless hours while always hearing from my friends “You’re a teacher, you get summers off, you have it made!”

Well they were right.  I did have it made.  I got to impact young adults lives on a daily basis.  On the other hand, they cannot comprehend for 1 second the hectic, crazy life of working in a school!  You have to be on your game 100% of the time and the majority of that time, your efforts will go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Many people have a hard time understanding the life of a teacher, aide, principal, or other administrator because unless they have “made it” they might not experience the same hectic lifestyle.  I have since left the teaching world to work in ed software and today, finally, almost 2 and a half years later, I had the best day of my post teaching career.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have had great days over the past 2 1/2 years in sales and I love what I do BUT today, I had the chance to do a podcast recording with Jon Bergmann and interview Tyler Tarver for an upcoming podcast in the same day!

Most of you have probably heard of Jon Bergmann or Flipped Learning before so it is obvious what an accomplishment it is to connect with him and I learned today that he is much more than just the man who helped coin “Flipped Learning”.  He has dedicated his career to making it a “thing” by putting together an amazing team that researches, supports, and developing their vision and they are making a global impact.  It is his CAREER and not his job.

Tyler Tarver on the other hand, is an inspiration to me because we both took similar paths into education.  We went to college to study history, became teachers, but found our niche in mathematics.  Tyler has since moved on to create Tarver Academy.  It is an amazing resource for ALL teachers looking to engage their students in learning that is driven by video content.  Tyler wears so many hats at his district that he should have a part time job at Lids but still finds time to fulfill his career by developing content for Tarver Academy and write a book.

So back to my original question: Do you have a job, profession, or career?

I am quickly learning what it means to have a career vs a job or profession.  It is NOT what it is made to be in high school – your future path in college and beyond – it is LOVING what you do and finding yourself willing to work overtime for FUN.  Careers are a once in a life time opportunity to make a difference and fulfill your dreams.  I have been experiencing those feelings, dream come true feelings, for about a year now.  I am blessed to have a manager that supports and motivates me while also mentoring me through the ups and downs of having a job.

Today I got to create a podcast episode with Jon, then interview Tyler, but most importantly, I got to connect them so that they can engage and learn from each other.  That one thing is what made this the best day of my post ed career.  Talking with them today was simply a privilege but I found great satisfaction in introducing them to one another and praying that they find a way to strengthen both of their impacts in education.  They both have taken their job/profession and transformed it into their career.  They work countless hours on their craft, building their brand, and establishing their footprint on education.

Isn’t that what so much of education is about in the end?  Strengthening your relationship with others in education, learning from those experiences, but then paying it forward by implementing those findings or connecting people that have the same vision?

I got to experience BOTH of those today.  I love my job/profession and with days like this, recently getting published on Edsurge, and collaborating with others… I am achieving my dream.  I finally have a CAREER and not just a JOB.

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