Arts Education Needs Protected!

This article comes from Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers blog called Leadership 360.  Clara Lieu does a wonderful job explaining the significance of including Arts in your curriculum and I think makes the case a slam dunk as to why Arts Education should be protected!

“Art education provides a vitally important sandbox for learning in unconventional ways that is essential to education.” – Clara Lieu

Looking to be inspired today? Then this is a must read.  Clara discusses how she found the arts, landed teaching Art in college, and now volunteers her time working with students exploring if art is for them.  Her story is captivating and inspiring and as a former teacher, it is stories like this that keep my fire for education a live.

Visual arts are designed to allow for experimentation, allow for trial and error, patience, and dedication to your work.  These are qualities that ALL of us need to attain at some point in our educational career to be well-rounded individuals.  I am not sure that this is always gained from traditional education.

I think back to my time in Art class and I always loved it because I had great teachers who respected us, our creativity, and allowed us to experiment.  They did not grade us on if our work would sell at an art gallery but rather on our creativity, effort, and they always made it fun!  I hope yours was the same but I am sure that several of you did not have the same experience.  You might have had similar experiences to what Clara describes in her article.

Cheers to Clara for writing her piece and good luck with continuing to inspire young artists and making an impact!

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