Arkansas School Administrator Urges More Teachers to Embrace Video


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Tyler Tarver is not your standard Director of Curriculm, Instruction, Communications, or Technology.  Tyler is an innovator and his story is highlighted on the Curriculum Matters blog by Marva Hinton.

“Tarver’s educational videos have more than 10 million views.  He runs two channels on YouTube and the website, which includes his math videos as well as tutorials for teachers on using technology and career advice.  I recently caught up with him to ask about his success.”

This article hits home because I am a HUGE advocate for videos and using them to aide in the learning process.  I used Khan Academy when I was a teacher and I loved it.  The major issue with it, as Tyler states in his interview, is that it is boring.  I was able to use it to fine tune my craft while my students were not engaged enough.  After watching a couple of Tyler’s videos, he brings humor and fun into the videos making them more engaging.

Makes me wish I was still in the classroom to share this great content with my students but instead I will share it with all of you!

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