Are We Thinking About Growth Mindset Too Narrowly?

This is a guest blog on Finding Common Ground by Jack McDermott.  Jack works for Panorama Education and they complied a survey of over 23,000 middle and high school students.

Here is the question they asked.  Whether a person does well or poorly in school may depend on a lot of different things.  You may feel that some of these things are easier for you to change than others.  In school, how possible is it for you to change:

  • Being talented
  • Liking the subject
  • Your level of intelligence
  • Putting forth a lot of effort
  • Behaving well in class
  • How easily you give up

The answers may or may not surprise you but it opens up the conversation on how big of a challenge this can be.  How many of you are teachers or former teachers like myself?  I can distinctly remember how many different mindsets I dealt with on a daily basis and the challenge of getting students to believe.

Check out the rest of the article to see the statistics!

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