My Digital Footprint

I am a big believer in modeling behavior that we expect from others and if I expect my children, students, colleges to be strong citizens in a digital world I need to provide my footprint.  (I was inspired to create this page after reading the Innovators Mindset and learning from George Couros.)

Perspectives in Education Blog – I love working on and with my blog because it provides me a freedom to share my thoughts!  I also enjoy reading article after article and offering my commentary on what I have read.  The purpose of my site is to provide multiple perspectives on education from ALL stakeholders.  Every story has two sides and education has many sides to it as well!

Perspectives in Education Podcast – I co-host this podcast with Mike Rocco.  We wanted to generate a platform that celebrates education and all for he amazing things happening while also respecting that there are many views on how education is evolving.  This has been an amazing experience to meet, share, and interview people from all over who are impacting education in different ways.  Would love for you to check it out, share, and let us know what you think!

Edsurge – I had so much fun contributing to Edsurge.   One thing I love about them is this statement – “With the right tools, technology can transform “learning” from something we did in classrooms at fixed hours of the day to something we can do anywhere, anytime.”  Here is my post “3 Ways to Instantly  Grow Your Personal Learning Network“.

Medium – I like this site because it provides me a place to read, write, and interact with others.  It is a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you.  Every day, thousands of people turn to Medium to publish their ideas and perspectives.

Refind – This site is the home for the best links on the web. Discover, save, and read what’s really worth your attention.  I add links to my Refind daily and you are able to subscribe to my newsletter to receive email updates on the links I save! Sign up here.

Twitter – This is by far my favorite avenue to connect, share, and meet people.  I have had the chance to connect with people from around the world and talk about education.  Twitter chats are one of the best aspects of the tool and has been vital to be growing and expanding my PLN.

LinkedIn – This is the work version of Facebook in many peoples eyes but I enjoy it because it comes without all of the annoying sides of it!  I hold and update by resume here and connect with professionals around the world.

YouTube – This is the greatest library of video tools on the internet.  I use it for all kinds of fun things but it is used by people all over the world!  It is the 2nd most used search engine in the world behind Google.

Prezi – Amazingly diverse and fun way to present!  It takes PowerPoint and adds motion and excitement to  presentations.  I love using the tool whenever I can to bring some life to what might normally just be a PowerPoint.

Facebook –  do not connect my Facebook with anything that I do professionally because I view it as a more personal mode of social media.  I engage with friends, family, and colleagues where I share out, mostly, photos of my beautiful family.

Snapchat – Another primarily social tool for me until recently where I generally have fun with my children posting silly, funny things with their filters but this tool might have inspired #BookSnaps by Tara Martin.