5 Authentic Roles for Twitter in Your School

Looking to jump into the Twitter world?  .

The Teach Thought Staff does a great job highlighting 5 Authentic Roles For Twitter in Your School.  They also provide tips and tricks , people to follow, and ways to connect with other people.

I previously published some commentary on an article published by Peter DeWitt called Educators Need Twitter in their Lives.  There I shared some popular hashtags that I actively follow and participate in.  On top of participating in these chats, I would encourage a new use to follow as many people as possible.  The amount of information available is amazing!

Another avenue to network with others are Twitter lists.   Here is a great resource from Post Planner to aide you in exploring lists.

In the end, Twitter is a fantastic resource that will provide you an opportunity to network, learn from others, and extend your learning platform!





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