4 Things All Project-Based Learning Teachers Should Do


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Lauren Ayer does a GREAT job outlining the “4 Things All Project-Based Learning Teachers Should Do” and it is published by TeachThought.

I believe that she hits the nail on the head.  I spent a year in a PBL high school before being transferred to another campus in my district.  The transition from a “standard” learning environment to a PBL environment does not come without some significant challenges.  As a teacher I found it incredibly difficult to:

  • Help students to be critical thinkers and develop/design their own projects
  • Guide students in developing essential questions that their projects will answe
  • Aide students in time management, organization, and presentations
  • Research, Research, Research.  Students have to be able to read for understanding, develop their own thoughts, and then cite them
  • Appropriately assess and grade students based on a variety of skill sets
  • Connect projects back to classroom concepts to use them to deepen understanding
  • Prove the value of being an independent learner and show that these skills are crucial to being a successful adult.

I could keep going!  When I read this piece and thought about how Lauren’s 4 things would have helped us as teachers be more organized and prepared to guide our students.


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