4 Common Creativity-Killers + How to Avoid Them

Krista Gray highlights “4 Common Creativity-Killers + How to Avoid Them“.  Here is an excerpt from her article:

“Learning to channel your creativity to produce awesome work is one of the most valuable skills you can develop (and use to stay inspired!) this year. Not only will your ultra-original style set you apart, whether working on quick projects or making your wildest DIY dreams come true, but it can help you share all your feels for a happier, healthier you.”

This had me sold!  I am all about finding fast, efficient ways to make my life better and she comes up with 4 killer ideas AND provides us with an idea to solve them!!  Here the four but you will have to read the article for the details!

  1. Having Super-Specific Expectations
  2. Your Regular Old Routine
  3.  Insecurities of a Fear of Being Judged
  4. A Time Crunch (or a Hard Stop)

Featured image is borrowed from Studybay

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