4 Apps that Promote Parent-Teacher Communication

I have posted commentary in the past on how important it is to work with parents and the community to secure involvement.

This article, “4 Apps to Foster Parent-Teacher Communication“, was written by Meghan Bogardus Cortez and posted on EdTeach Magazine.  She highlights a gallop poll that I use when discussing this very topics with districts as they prospect what ed tech is going to help them achieve their goals.  This is depressing to say the least!

Here are her 4 apps: check our the article for more details!

  1. Bloomz
  2. SimplyCircle
  3. ClassDojo – I have personal experience with this one.  My daughter has it and so far I am impressed with it and like how it can keep me informed with her, her class, and her teacher!
  4. Remind

What do you use in your classroom, campus, district?  Interested to hear the pros and cons of these great options!

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