20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners

Katrina Schwartz highlights the work of Kathy Perez in her recent post “20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners” via MInd/Shift.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“She’s a big proponent of brain breaks and getting kids moving around frequently during the day. She reminded educators that most kids’ attention spans are about as long in minutes as their age. So a third-grader can concentrate for about eight minutes before losing interest. It’s a teacher’s job to make sure there are lots of quick, effective brain breaks built into the lesson to give children a moment to re-calibrate. Perez says teachers must be prepared for a diverse cross section of learners with a large toolkit of strategies for teaching in multiple modalities, with many entry points to participation and content.”

I love some of these things that she highlights.  As someone who has taught for years we encounter PLENTY of these students.  The question is:

“Do you let them fall through the cracks or find ways to meet their needs?”

Some of Kathy’s ideas may sound like common sense but I have seen them overlooked hundreds of times.  Here are some of my favorites from her list; are empathize, focus on the ABC’s: acceptance, belonging, and community, give breaks, snowballs, and HOPE!  Another gem in the post is this video: Ned’s Great Eight to Heart.

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