10 Exciting Formative Assessments

Hillary Hill published a great list of formative assessments that allow you to engage and check for understanding on Edutopia.  As the year approaches check them out and decide which ones you could use!

I am a big fan of number 2!  How many of your kids are on Twitter!?  I am willing to bet more than 75% of them access it daily.  As an English teacher you could assign them to read X number of chapters or pages and then summarize them and post it with a hashtag.

(For example: If we are reading To Kill a Mockingbird that hashtag could be #mckeanTKMBpd4.  This would make it easy for you to see and check who has posted, while also providing accountability.  Students will know who did not participate!)

What is your favorite and how would you use it in class?!?

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